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Reduce petroleum fuel consumption (gallons) by fleet by 20% by 2025


FY23 Actual

FY22 Actual

Objective Description

By 2025, Howard County will reduce petroleum fuel consumption in its fleet by 20%. The County will accomplish this by improving the average fuel economy of its fleet, right-sizing the fleet, reducing idling, and increasing the number of electric and hybrid electric vehicles. The reduction of petroleum fuel use is directly connected to greenhouse gas emissions and to the County's overall target to reduce emissions by 45% by 2030.

Trend Analysis

Howard County's fleet consumed 1,147,478 gallons of petroleum-based fuels in FY23. The County's consumption in FY24 is estimated to be 1,179,635 gallons of petroleum-based fuels. The FY24 fuel consumption as compared to FY23 demonstrates the qualities of a larger fleet, but with more fuel-efficient County vehicles. The County currently operates 238 hybrids along with 13 full electric vehicles (EV's). In FY24, the County will add an additional 43 hybrids and 11 electric vehicles to the fleet. As a policy, Howard County only procures the most fuel­ efficient vehicles for County operations.


  • Replace current vehicles with electric, hybrid, and more fuel-efficient vehicles.
  • Institute a county-wide idling reduction policy.
  • Right-size fleet vehicles to best match vehicle use.
  • Conduct employee education on idling reduction and smart driving to improve fuel efficiency.

Source: Office of Fleet

Detailed Analysis

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