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Reduce facility electricity use (kWh in millions) by 25% by 2025



Objective Description

By 2025, Howard County will reduce electricity use of County government operations by 25%. Electricity use represents nearly 40% of the County’s greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing electricity use can come from increasing energy efficiency, conserving electricity, and switching to on-site renewables.

Trend Analysis

In 2018, the County completed an Energy Performance Contract on all of its buildings. By the end of 2019, the County will implement a routine, systematic, and detailed investigation of energy use at all County buildings to identify and address energy inefficiencies as they occur. A new system will be implemented to track and analyze a combination of monthly billing data, continuous real-time energy use data, and individual heating and cooling component data in each building that is currently unavailable. Information will be used to fine tune smart building controls to optimize energy efficiency and work toward the goal of decreased electricity use. The County is in the process of implementing a new Data Center Energy Savings grant from the State that will cover up to $128,000 for data center energy efficiency. As a newly designated Maryland Smart Energy Community, Howard County will receive $75,000 in grant funds that can be used to improve energy efficiency projects in buildings.


  • Implement utility bill management tool that will find energy and cost inefficiencies in County buildings and prioritize sites for energy efficiency projects.
  • Expand and improve continuous real-time energy use data collection and individual heating and cooling component data in County buildings to pinpoint causes of energy use spikes and immediately implement low- and no-cost solutions to improve energy efficiency.
  • Conduct full scale energy use investigations and implement building tune up as needed to reduce energy use in priority buildings.
  • Obtain grants and rebate funds whenever possible to offset costs of installing more energy efficient equipment.
  • Design and implement employee engagement program to reduce energy use through individual actions, such as turning off lights and computer monitors when not in use.
  • Maximize energy efficiency when designing new buildings.
  • Consolidate two inefficient data centers into one, highly energy efficient data center in 2019.

Source: Office of Sustainability

Detailed Analysis

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