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Hold violent crime rate per 100,000 under the state-wide average (target)


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Objective Description

Violent crime is categorized into four specific offenses: murder and non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. These can be impulsive acts influenced by alcohol, drug use, and mental health factors which are difficult to prevent. Crime rates affect the sense of security citizens have about their communities. These rates can also influence business investment and residential development. The Howard County Police Department (HCPD) utilizes proactive patrol and strategic deployment of resources to reduce the opportunity for crime and remove habitual offenders from the community. The Department strives to effectively utilize social media to reach and communicate with the community for sharing crime data, soliciting tips and leads, and promoting a sense of safety. The “Target” line shown, represents the Maryland State average for violent crime. The HCPD’s goal is to keep Howard County well below this average.

Trend Analysis

The Violent Crime rate in Howard County remains well below the state wide average of 468.66. Numerous factors both external and internal can influence these statistics. Externally for example, in times of economic prosperity and low unemployment rates crime numbers will traditionally trend downward. Also, national trends such as the Opioid Epidemic can impact local jurisdictions and influences crime trends. Internally, HCPD’s partnering with members of the community through community policing initiatives as well as the utilization of enhanced investigative techniques and advancements in technology collaboratively assists in the decrease in crime within Howard County.


  • Utilize various community policing outreach techniques to increase community contact which enhances communication, helps identify suspects, and promotes a sense of safety.
  • Hold statistical review sessions (known as AIM) bi-weekly to discuss how to achieve and improve agency objectives.
  • Maintain a Repeat Offender program focused on identifying high-rate offenders who frequently and negatively impact our community.
  • Partner with residents, visitors and businesses to mitigate crime.
  • Aggressively investigate all reported crimes utilizing the latest in technology and social media resources.
  • Work with community youth across a range of ages – from young children to older adolescents and young adults through such HCPD programs as: BearTrax, PLEDGE Summer Camps, the Community Athletic Program, The Resiliency Adventure Project, the Youth Police Academy and more. As well as look for more ways to engage the youth of our community.
  • Continue to collaborate closely with local, state and federal prosecutors, probation and parole officers, as well as other state and federal law enforcement agencies to keep criminals off the street.

Source: Howard County Police Uniform Crime Report

Detailed Analysis

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