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Increase number of unduplicated people attending 50+ Centers by 10% by 2025


FY19 Actual

FY18 Actual

Objective Description

Research indicates that older adults who are engaged in the community experience greater quality of life and reduced risk for adverse outcomes. Correlational studies have found that participants in senior type programs have lower levels of cognitive impairment, less depression, and lower risk of premature institutionalization. The 50+ Centers, overseen by the Office of Aging and Independence, provide a wide range of services and activities to engage the older population, including: meals, exercise, discussion groups, entertainment, arts and crafts, inter-generational programming, and much more.

Trend Analysis

The number of individuals participating at the 50+ Centers continued to grow in FY 2018. The growth is due to increased outreach by The Department of Community Resource Services (DCRS) and changing demographics reflecting the older adult population growing as the Baby Boom Generation ages, and outreach by DCRS. The greatest percentage growth in those served between FY 2014 and FY 2018 were among individuals under age 60, whose grew by 322%. Growth was greatest at North Laurel (152%) and Ellicott City (162%). This growth is likely due in part to efforts to reach out to younger cohorts and the new fitness facilities available. Future plans to renovate the Bain Center, and build a new facility in East Columbia will likely attract more attendance. Likewise, the overall growth of the senior population is anticipated to drive expanded need. The baseline year for target completion is FY 2018.


  • Renovate and expand 50+ Center in East Columbia.
  • Complete renovations to the Florence Bain 50+ Center, the most actively used Center in the county.
  • Expand operating hours to include Mon-Thus evenings and Saturday mornings.
  • Strengthen existing collaborations with partners.
  • Optimize program opportunities to support personal choice.

Source: Department of Community Resources and Services

Detailed Analysis

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