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Maintain percentage of clients exiting rehousing programs to permanent housing to 60% through 2025


FY19 Actual

FY18 Actual

Objective Description

Homeless households that come to the attention of the Coordinated Entry System are moved into permanent housing with the support of case management services. The Coordinated Entry System works to rehouse individuals and families experiencing homelessness via assistance with housing location, financial assistance, and case management. Those that do no move into permanent housing upon exiting the system primarily enter an emergency shelter or find temporary housing with a relative or friend. Howard County operates under the philosophy of Housing First, with an attempt to get people who have experienced homelessness back into permanent housing as rapidly as possible.

Trend Analysis

The County is working toward the goal of ending homelessness by ensuring the availability of services and housing to quickly end episodes of homelessness. Compared to the national average of 45%, the County is excelling. The National Alliance to End Homelessness found that Howard County's Continuum of Care target of 60% is well above comparable jurisdictions in the country. DCRS has been working with other County agencies and community partners to address the complex needs of the homeless population. The percentage of people exiting to permanent housing declined slightly in FY 2018 due to an increase in the rental barriers, such as zero income, which made it more difficult to locate landlords willing to rent to them. That percentage has increased in FY 2019 as additional agency partners implement rapid rehousing strategies.


  • Make accessing assistance as seamless as possible through the use of a single point of entry to the Coordinated Entry System.
  • Avoid homelessness when at all possible, through diversion and prevention activities.
  • Rehouse literally homeless households as quickly as possible through housing searches, financial assistance, and case management for housing stabilization.

Source: Howard County Continuum of Care

Target = 60

Detailed Analysis

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