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Reduce the rate of serious injuries by 20% to 2.35 per 100 million vehicle miles traveled by 2025


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Objective Description

Reducing serious injuries and fatalities from crashes on our roadways is an important goal for Howard County, as outlined in the Howard County Strategic Road Safety Plan (HC-SRSP). This includes people injured or killed in a motor vehicle collision while driving, as a passenger, walking, or biking. This measure includes collision information from all reports within the Howard County border. Efforts to reduce serious injuries and fatalities on our roadways can be categorized by the 4 “E”s of Engineering, Enforcement, Education, and Emergency Medical Services, coordinated primarily by the Departments of Police, Fire and Rescue, Public Works, and the Office of Transportation along with other state stakeholders.

Trend Analysis

Serious injury and fatality trends continue to be mixed as rates in the county continue to fluctuate, though the rate is still significantly lower as compared to the 2017 statewide fatality rate of 0.93 and national rate of 1.16 per 100 Million Vehicle Miles Traveled (MVMT). Baseline is the 2013-2017 five year average.


  • Conduct data analyses to identify locations for speed enforcement and traffic calming (road diets, speed limit reduction, etc).
  • Conduct aggressive/speed enforcement in conjunction with statewide and national campaigns, as well as in school zones and communities
  • Compile planned infrastructure safety projects and review prioritization based on data analyses.
  • Conduct occupant protection enforcement in conjunction with statewide and national campaigns.
  • Implement the Howard County Strategic Road Safety Plan.

Source: Office of Transportation

Detailed Analysis

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