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Increase number of RTA passenger boardings to 1 million by FY 2025


FY23 Actual

FY22 Actual

Objective Description

This measure represents the number of one-way trips (total count of individual boardings) on local and regional routes. The Regional Transportation Agency (RTA) delivers public transit in Anne Arundel County, Howard County, northern Prince George’s County, and the City of Laurel provide an option to the private automobile in accessing jobs, medical services, recreation, and shopping, and reducing congestion and air pollution. The number of one-way trips does not include trips for local routes in Anne Arundel County, northern Prince George’s County, and the City of Laurel.

Trend Analysis

RTA ridership declined drastically between 2019 and 2021 due to Covid-19 related public health travel restrictions and service reductions. Since the pandemic, services and ridership are continuing to return to RTA.  Service has been restored to pre-pandemic levels, and ridership is projected to exceed pre-pandemic levels in the coming years.  Service modifications and expansions were implemented in mid-2023 that will result in further increased ridership.  While the industry continues to face supply and staffing issues, the County continues to invest in the bus fleet with the purchase of 13 transit buses, 12 light-duty buses, and 3 sedans, which were recently added to the fleet.  Bus stop accessibility and amenity improvements have been implemented in 2023 and will continue in 2024.  Recent investments in transit technology include automated passenger counters and automated bus stop annunciators, which will further increase the reliability, convenience and comfort of our transit service. 


  • Implement the Consolidated Transit Plan's recommendations.
  • Expand and adjust transit routes to improve service, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Incorporate transit-related recommendations into review comments on development applications.
  • Improve the reliability of Regional Transportation Agency (RTA) service by adding new buses to the fleet and maintaining older vehicles.
  • Upgrade bus stop facilities, including shelters and sidewalk connections.
  • Work with Howard County Public Schools to increase usage by public high school students living near and going to schools located on existing or previously planned route.

Source: Office of Transportation

Target = 1,000,000

Detailed Analysis

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