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Confine structure fires to room of origin 85% of the time


FY23 Actual

FY22 Actual

Objective Description

Confining structure fires to the area or room of origin can be indicative of an effective fire suppression response, which is dependent on getting sufficient resources to an incident scene quickly, and effective fire suppression operations by firefighters. Though some fires will have already spread beyond the room of origin upon arrival of firefighters, when firefighters have the opportunity to confine fires to the room of origin, property loss can be reduced, and injuries and deaths to both occupants and firefighters can be avoided or minimized. Incidents where fire has already extended beyond the room of origin upon arrival of firefighters negatively impact the result for this performance measure.

Trend Analysis

In FY23, there were 250 structure fires, including fixed mobile homes and commercial trailers, and 87% were confined to the object or room of origin. Since 2014, the County averaged over 84% of fires confined to room of origin and over the last two years we are trending upwards. In FY23 there was an slight increase to the number of structure fires occurring within our community, however, first arriving Engine on scene to a fire declined to 6:45 seconds, arriving 30 seconds faster than the prior year.


  • Implement a dynamic dispatch system that determines unit assignments based on real-time GPS-based Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL).
  • Strategically plan and construct new facilities and place apparatus around the County.
  • Assure adequate staffing on fire engines, aerial and rescue squad units that allows for effective and rapid execution of "critical immediate tasks" upon arrival to fires.

Source: Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue

Detailed Analysis

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