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Increase the number of miles of BikeHoward projects (shared roads, bike lanes, and bike paths) to 95 miles by 2026


FY20 Actual

FY19 Actual

Objective Description

This measure represents the approximate percent of miles of BikeHoward linear projects within the short-term network completed, irrespective of facility type. BikeHoward developed over 500 miles of roadway and pathway improvements throughout the county. The full set of recommendations is referred to as the Countywide Bikeway Network and represents the long-term vision for the county’s bikeway network, a bikeway network that provides a high level of connectivity for the county. To make implementation practical, these facility recommendations were prioritized and divided into networks referred to as the Short-Term Network, Mid-Term Network, and the Long-Term Network. In general, the Short-Term Network comprises primarily of lower cost improvements and includes a very small number of “non-standard” facility types. Data on new bicycle facilities will be gathered by tracking capital project and developer improvements and tabulated on a yearly basis.

Trend Analysis

Shared-use pathways are counted as completed when they are fully constructed. On-road facilities are counted as completed if any bicycle infrastructure is added to the roadway, since BikeHoward’s recommendations were preliminary and subject to change. In addition, roadway segments for which BikeHoward designated a “shared road” or “paved and striped shoulder” facility type as part of the short-term network are counted as “completed” if they are contiguous with a bicycle facility segment that is part of the short-term network. This metric is anticipated to increase every year as additional segments are completed. However, some short segments may have a high impact (e.g. filling a gap between two large network areas), so year-to-year variation in the mileage completed is normal and expected. In FY 2021 the number of new bike lane projects was lower than normal because of a limited roadway resurfacing budget. Bike lane projects in FY 2022 and FY 2023 are expected to increase as a result of increased appropriations for resurfacing.


  • Implement BikeHoward Express short-term implementation plan.
  • Pursue bicycle facility implementation with each road resurfacing project.
  • Partner with other stakeholders, including Columbia Association (CA) and the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT-SHA) to implement bicycle facilities outside of Howard County right-of-way.

Source: Office of Transportation

Target = 95.35

Detailed Analysis

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