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Increase percent of Pedestrian Master Plan Sidewalk projects by



Objective Description

This measure represents the approximate percent completion of structured projects in the WalkHoward Pedestrian Master Plan. WalkHoward is currently available in draft form at and is expected to move through a legislative process for official adoption in 2020. A structured project is a geographically grouped set of pedestrian improvements, selected based on feasibility, complexity, cost, and prioritization score. There are 44 structured projects in WalkHoward. Data on new pedestrian facilities will be gathered by tracking capital project and developer improvements and tabulated on a yearly basis.

Trend Analysis

Pedestrian access and connection projects are typically built as part of larger street or intersection projects, specific sidewalk projects, or as part of private development projects. Factors affecting the pace of project completion are funding, work load, community approval policies, securing rights of way, development and zoning regulations, and the strength of the development market. Some of these factors are mostly controlled by County Government and some are not. The percent of WalkHoward projects completed will be calculated by diving the completed number of miles of structured project sidewalk by the total number of miles of structured project sidewalk.


  • Adopt WalkHoward.
  • Continue to incorporate pedestrian master plan sidewalk recommendations into review comments on development applications.
  • Pursue implementation of sidewalk capital projects.


Detailed Analysis

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