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Increase number of people utilizing the Loan Closet by 15% by 2025


FY20 Actual

FY19 Actual

Objective Description

Research indicates that the utilization of assistive technology (e.g. walkers, reachers, rollators, tub transfer benches) significantly enhances people's capacity to remain safe and independent in the community while dealing with a disabling condition. However, many people are not able to afford or acquire such devices on their own, or do not know how to safely use it. The Loan Closet serves a vital role in helping provide the tools people need to maintain their own independence.

Trend Analysis

The Loan Closet was on course to serve 3706 individuals, handling 5889 items (pro-rated), both figures which would have represented a growth over FY19. However, COVID-related closures resulted in metrics declining from the prior year. Requests for information and referrals more than doubled in FY20 relative to the prior year.


  • Increase the number of volunteers.
  • Target outreach to low-income communities.
  • Partner with Maryland Technology Assistance Program (MD-TAP).
  • Partner with non-profits who have similar mission covering the lifespan.

Source: Department of Community Resources and Services

Target = 3,800

Detailed Analysis

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