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Increase the annual number of meal kits sold by 6% by 2025


CY18 Actual

CY17 Actual

Objective Description

The Roving Radish provides pre-packaged and measured meal kits for sale online that contain two dinners for a family of four. In order to promote healthy eating habits, meal kits are offered at an affordable price and subsidized for those in need to allow participation for everyone in the community. To support local agriculture, the produce is purchased from local farms whenever possible, creating another sustainable market for our farms. There are currently 14 local farms participating in the program. The program begins in May and ends in December.

Trend Analysis

In order to qualify for a subsidized price, households must have had to participate in one or more assistance programs (SNAP, WIC, TCA, SSDI or school breakfast) in the past 12 months. The Roving Radish will continue strategies to make meals more financially and geographically accessible for families in need. The baseline year for target completion is CY 2018.


  • Measure and process ingredients (Dice, cube, peel etc.) as much as possible to decrease preparation time and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Strategically select pick up times and locations throughout the county to increase convenience and access to meal kits.
  • Purchase proteins and produce from local farms at above wholesale prices creating another sustainable market for our farms.

Source: Office of Community Sustainability

Target = 7,545

Detailed Analysis

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