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Objective Description

Howard County Public Schools (HCPSS) is deeply committed to the goals of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future to address educational inequities. Our educators are central to this undertaking, and we must ensure that every school is staffed with outstanding, diverse, and experienced teachers who can meet students needs with high-quality teaching that engages students and provides individual support. The diversity of our educators is central to applying an equity lens to our staffing efforts. Research has shown that all students benefit from having teachers from diverse backgrounds. The benefits are particularly strong for students of color, with the Kerwin Commission declaring the benefits to students of color when they have teachers of the same race. HCPSS shall create and sustain a teaching and educator faculty that reflects the diversity of the public student population. HCPSS is committed to attracted and sourcing highly qualified individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences to further represent our students, staff, and community.

Trend Analysis

The Class of 2021 achieved a graduation rate of 94.05%, which exceeds the Maryland average of 87.2 percent and the highest rate since 2011. The 2021 graduation rate is a 1.26 percentage point increase from the Class of 2019. While all groups saw increases in graduation rates this year, the largest increase came from students with Limited English Proficiency increasing by 18.98 percentage points from 47.22% for the Class of 2019 to 66.21% for the Class of 2021. Unavailable data will appear as blank.


  • Attendance: identifying students whose attendance may predict a later inclination to not complete high school and implementing a multi-tiered system of supports.
  • Achievement: implementing early warning and progress monitoring systems in order to develop individualized academic plans and provide appropriate interventions.
  • Acceptance: implementing system-wide initiatives aimed at building relationships through a restorative culture, providing opportunities for student voice, and providing connections to arts, sports, and careers.
  • Access: expanding evening school options, creating clearer GED pathways with HCC, developing innovative pathway options, and developing community based supports.

Source: Howard County Public School System

Detailed Analysis

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