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Objective Description

Instructional quality is improved by supporting through professional development for teachers in becoming culturally responsive and by providing access to a strong set of diverse, district-provided instructional resources. Instructional support teachers, in coordination with curricular offices, work directly with teachers to continually improve first instruction for all students. Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) also provides programs target to students who are in need of intervention or acceleration, or who are members of traditionally underserved populations who are at greater risk of academic difficulties. In critical areas, additional support staff are provided to assist with reinforcement and individualization of instruction. Supports that extend beyond the K-12 school program include early childhood programs, interventions outside of school hours, and outreach by community liaisons, social workers, and pupil personnel workers.

Trend Analysis

The Kindergarten Readiness Assessment assesses a student’s preparedness in social foundations, language and literacy, mathematics, physical well-being and motor development when entering kindergarten. Kindergarten readiness rates increased for these student groups: Asian (57% to 61%), Black/African American (42% to 45%), Hispanic/Latinx (31% to 32%), White (65% to 67%), and Economically Disadvantaged (29% to 30%). Kindergarten readiness rates decreased for these student groups: Two or More Races (65% to 55%), English Learners (23% to 12%), and special education (28% to 15%). Note: KRA data is currently limited to a random sampling of students.


  • The Howard County Infants and Toddlers Program: As a partner in the interagency initiative, HCPSS helps develop and deliver Individual Family Service Plans to families of children with a developmental delay or who are at risk for developmental delay.
  • Head Start Centers: HCPSS supports three Head Start centers, with site-based professional learning, coaching, and modeling.
  • Read With Me: Howard County provides one book per month to families of young children at six schools and their surrounding communities. 415 children participated in Read with Me and 54 of these children graduated from the program.
  • Talk With Me: Howard County promotes interactions between caregivers and infants/toddlers. Numerous stakeholders have been trained and are sharing information across the county in various settings.

Source: Maryland State Department of Education

Detailed Analysis

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